What We Can Do About Addiction 


Public & Professional Education

The first step with any problem is to recognize that it exists. The public must be educated through media, schools and other public institutions to understand that addiction is a disease that can be treated with considerable benefit to society. The medical profession must be motivated to have their members properly understand addiction diagnosis and treatment provided by specialists. Prescription drugs must be considered as one of the methods of treatment.  The risks involved if medications are prescribed without due professional care and the related long term costs to society, must be reevaluated. Insurance companies must also be educated to adjust their "steering" of the medical profession to provide for earlier and better diagnosis of substance abuse problems and related treatments. The entire justice system (attorneys, judges, police and lawmakers) must be made aware that proper professional treatment of addiction is a viable alternative to incarceration and much less costly than incarceration.

Our message is not only avoid substance abuse but also: Substance abuse is a disease, that can be treated, and that a person with the disease of addiction needs to seek treatment and be encouraged to seek professional treatment as soon as a problem becomes apparent.                                                   

Continuing Professional Development 

Our education program begins with Doctors. Substance abuse is only beginning to be understood at professional levels. Most Doctors in practice have had less than 30 hours classroom time related to substance abuse during their entire medical education! The Recovery Plus Foundation has had doctors specializing in substance abuse treatment design a Continuing Education Program assist in bringing the knowledge of practicing Doctors up to date.  Each state medical board is required to review the curriculum of the program prior to teaching. Given, educated professionals our Regional Directors work with local media. Our charitable events do not focus on fundraising alone; public education is an intentional focus of each event as well.


The Recovery Plus Foundation focuses on cost effective research that have results in a short time frame. Too many studies are huge amounts of money, with wide focuses on general long term of research projects that have long term payback results.  We do not disagree with this research however, we focus on low risk, immediate results projects on a cost effective basis. Most often we assist in funding and overview cooperative projects with other independent organizations seeking similar results from research.  


At the same time, there are many people suffering from the disease of addiction who cannot afford professional diagnosis and treatment and yet they desperately want and need it. With the aid of public and private donations we provide non-discriminatory funding assistance, on a needs basis, for people to attend appropriate substance rehabilitation programs. We research the credibility and methods of various institutions across the country. We provide funding for individuals in need in the most cost effective treatment program available. Qualification, bidding, program review and assessment, patient monitoring while people are being treated and post treatment monitoring are all part of the process of ensuring the best value for money use of donations.  Our focus is not on how many people we can treat. It is how many people we can treat effectively with lasting benefits to the individual, their family and society as a whole.
Life is a terrible thing to waste.
It costs society as a whole
as well as the destruction of
families, friends and the persons
with the disease.
The strength and power of this disease
can be overcome
by a concentrated and cooperative effort.