TREATMENT COST - Acquisition of Professional Treatment

The Recovery Plus Foundation does not provide any recovery treatment services directly. Our objective is to use donated funds to acquire treatment services across the country from professional providers.  Our service acquisition criteria include:

Specified Treatment Criteria: Using the assistance of Doctors and therapists we have assembled a detailed criteria to evaluate programs to ensure they have the most effective and evidence based components as part of their treatment.  Providers must be Joint Commission accredited, CARF accredited or another competent accreditation authority.  

Freedom From Bias: Treatment facilities must be focused on the treatment of the disease of addiction and be free of bias of any religious, political or other association that could bias treatment methods. If the patient chooses to be associated with any major religion the facility must respect their attendance of any religious services offered to the public.

Frequent Bids to Facilities:  The type of treatment and the availability of treatment vary significantly.Providers fees quoted to us recognize us as a non-profit and provide discounts.  At all times, the Foundation will seek to obtain appropriate services on the most cost effective basis.

Monitoring Results, Overall and by Program: In order to ensure value for money for each person treated we monitor current and long term results by person, by facility and by program.  This information is useful for our research to continually find the best treatment methods.