Support of Research 

Due in part to the advocacy of a number of substance abuse families and the limited research which has been conducted to date, researchers are increasingly interested in the genetic cause and the bio-chemistry of substance abuse. Unlike many areas of medical research, research related to substance abuse is in its infancy. The fact that addiction is a disease was only proven recently. The Recovery Plus Foundation focuses on cost effective research that have results in a short time frame. In our opinion, too many studies are huge amounts of money, with wide focuses on general long term of research projects that have long term payback results.  We do not disagree with this research however, given the infancy of research, we focus on low risk, immediate results projects on a cost effective basis. Most often we assist in funding and overview cooperative projects with other independent organizations seeking similar results from research.


International Communities

The founders of the Recovery Plus Foundation quickly learned that substance abuse problems and treatment are not confined to the US, or any geopolitical boundaries. Through the Internet and other media we are forming international relations with other substance abuse organizations to share knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse problems. One international substance abuse organization is known to have in excess of 6,000,000 members.    


Support Other Organizations

We have and will continue to identify and build mutually supportive affiliations with charitable organizations,whose Activities are in Support of the Foundation's Objectives and address some aspect of substance abuse. These affiliations will help us accomplish our awareness and education goals. As our experience, affiliations and funding grow; we will formalize our efforts to identify the most critical research and seek to provide grants to qualified organizations and institutions in support of the Foundation's mission and objectives.