Education  - General Practice Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists


The personal physician is often seen as the gateway between an individual and changing medical treatment and medicines. Just like new surgical procedures and medicines; education of physicians regarding advancement in substance abuse prevention, detection and treatment need to be communicated to keep the general practitioners aware of the latest developments in this specialized area of health treatment through media and promotional educational programs. Similarly, general practice psychiatrists and psychologists need to be kept informed of changes in substance abuse treatment in order to make recommendations to patients.
The Recovery Plus Foundation education focus begins with Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists in practice. Substance abuse is only beginning to be understood at professional levels. Most Doctors in practice have had less than 30 hours classroom time related to substance abuse during their entire medical education! The Recovery Plus Foundation has had doctors specializing in substance abuse treatment design a Continuing Education Program assist in bringing the knowledge of practicing Doctors up to date.  Each state medical board is required to review the curriculum of the program prior to teaching. Given, educated professionals our Regional Directors work with local media.