Directors:  We are looking for volunteer’s to be Directors for our Board. We ask for a two year commitment minimum. We are in the process of expanding our Board and are seeking experienced business leaders and public people who can help us with our cause. 


Regional DirectorsAs we grow we are looking for regional directors. This begins as a volunteer position and can evolve to a part time or full time position or overseeing staff as the region grows.  Regional directors are focused on overseeing activity committees, obtaining local company sponsors and integrating with regional governments and national sponsors.  Regional Directors are preferred with some fundraising and or charitable organization experience.

Professional Grant Writers: There are numerous grants available to our organization.  Until the organization has sufficient infrastructure to facilitate in house grant writing, we appreciate proposals from grant writing professionals.

Professional Fundraising AssistanceAnyone with professional fundraising experience that can focus on the funding assistance for our Foundation is welcome to provide assistance, suggestions or proposals.

Project Coordinators: Every community project needs a Volunteer Project Coordinator.  We appreciate your assistance with any kind of fundraising activity and will support you with our experience and arrange corporate support by corporate sponsors for project infrastructure and advertising.  Contact us today and help us to help you to assist those with the disease of addiction. 

Service Organizations, Schools, Universities and Organizations of Worship: We invite these organizations assistance to create and manage events. Some organizations form a committee and have the committee act as a Regional Director for their area.  Organizations are invited to do general campaigns or treatment specific campaigns.  Some organizations may want to assist a specific member who they know needs treatment and cannot afford it.  For example some organizations canvass members by email or regular mail for contributions to assist a specific individual. We are pleased to assist these organizations with fundraising support, income tax deduction receipts and the benefits of our cost effective treatment acquisition program and supplementary services.

Everyone knows someone suffering from the disease of addiction.  Working together
with us, you can help that person you know needs help and see the benefits.