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How many people really drink or take drugs and then drive?


  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that drugs are used by 10 to 22 percentof drivers involved in crashes, often in combination with alcohol. 
  •  One study found that about 34 percent of motor vehicle crash victims admitted to a trauma center tested positive for “drugs only"; about 16 percent tested positive for “alcohol only." Approximately 9.9 percent (or 1 in 10) tested positive for alcohol and drugs, and within this group, 50 percent were younger than age 18 years old. (NHTSA) 
  •  About one in three high school seniors has, in a 2-week period, either driven a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs or ridden as a passenger with a driver under the influence of those substances, a NIDA-supported study suggests.