Corporate Fundraising Programs

We are pleased to work with any program structure that will help us to save lives. Many sponsors have a format that they prefer and we will perform within that structure.  Some of the common structures are as follows:

Community Grant Matching Programs: We encourage sponsors to match community efforts with challenges such as matching the amount of money raised in a certain time frame. Companies can provide us with their guidelines and we will match you with public volunteer groups ready to meet your challenge.

Sponsoring Costs Associated With Public Fundrasing Events: Activities with a large number of participants (i.e. fund raising walks, golf tournaments, bike rides, fairs etc.) requires funding for the infrastructure, organizing and advertising for the event.  Companies can benefit from the public exposure at such events. 






 Co-Op Retail Programs: We encourage companies to be associated with saving lives. For example:  

  • Manufacturers with special coupons, matching promotion advertising programs (i.e. $1.00 donated to the Recovery Plus Foundation for each item sold).
  • Retailers have their staff ask consumers if they would like to make a donation to the Recovery Plus Foundation at the cashiers’ desk.
  • Retailers can entice sales of particular items by offering a specific donation with each sale (i.e. $ 100.00 donation with each car sold).
  • Service providers and financial institutions with e-commerce are encouraged to use remittance advices and email to suggest a donation. Matching programs work great in conjunction with these programs.