TREATMENT - Commitment & Forgivable Loans


The Recovery Plus Foundation and its sponsors are committing significant funds for the treatment of people who want treatment, but cannot afford it. All persons seeking treatment are required to have a serious commitment to invest the time and effort in treatment.  We also have patients and their families financially contribute to their treatment to the extent possible.  To further the individual commitment participants provided financial assistance are required to enter a formal , forgivable loan agreement, with the Foundation for a significant portion of their treatment cost.  After treatment, the loans are forgiven monthly, over a three year period after treatment, provided the person continues to live a substance free life and comply with after care programs.  Our goal with every person treated is to have all loans forgiven as a result of the person successfully living a substance free life!


All Treatment is Funded by Way of Forgivable Loans. No Relapse = No Repayment